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20 May 2017
weekly vlog videos - longboarding

Weekly VLOGs (Videos)

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I’ve been creating weekly vlogs which has been SUPER FUN!

Why Weekly Vlogs?


I’m inspired to help other people.

I also tend to really value and want a lot of my own space.

That combo generally doesn’t work that well….

So, I thought I’d take a camera around with me, and give some insight into what my life is like as a full time musician. This will include the good and the bad. Sometimes I’m just super exhausted… I’ll have a run of shows that are back to back even on the same night sometimes..

Other times I can take you into my home or in the car and you can see and hear my vocal warm ups, and the practise sessions that go into putting on a show. Perhaps I’ll film some of my calls next time I’m booking a venue. Actually… I’m going to write that down to do for you…

I’m also going to create some vlogs of what i’m up to in my spare time – kitesurfing, learning to longboard, going exploring and travelling etc…

headphones vlog

“I left my headphones behind…”

weekly video vlogs #11

“Most people don’t get to see this!”

weekly vlogs

“Learning to Longboard”

Why these other videos?

I really enjoy the creative aspect of this – for me it’s a stack of fun creating videos, setting up shots, and editing these into a fun little adventure that I can share with you online. Somehow I made learning to longboard into a 5 minute video adventure! I hope you also enjoy the ride!

As always I’m open to suggestion…

What is it that you’d like to see of life ‘behind the scenes’?

Would love your comments below on what you’d like to see or hear more of from me! Then I get a nice challenge of seeing if I can do that in an artistic way to share with you all via video in my weekly vlogs.

Keep your eyes peeled on MONDAYS for new WEEKLY VLOGS!

yep… that’s when they happen!

Look forward to seeing you in the next one!



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