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28 June 2017
I'm Moving!

I’m Moving!

Yes… it’s TRUE I’m moving!

I’ve had this, shall we say, ‘unrest’ for a while now…

Making choices, thinking about what is important to me, and figuring out how it is earthly possible to create the picture I have in mind moving forward…

So here’s the details!

As of the 2nd of August I will be officially homeless!

…that is the choice I’m making.

I’m sure some of you are thinking… WHAAAAAAT?

Well… let me explain how this looks from my position 🙂

I get to visit my friends and family more…

The FIRST thing I’ve done has been to have a think about my lifestyle and what I would like, and that includes seeing my friends and family more, WHEREVER they are in the world!

Most mornings I get up and listen to audiobooks, and as part of two that I have been listening to recently I created a voice recording of the picture of my life and lifestyle that I am set on creating.

So now I listen to that as well as audiobooks and music each day!


What I’ve decided is that instead of paying Auckland rent prices each week, I’ll be spending part of that money on flights around New Zealand to stay with friends and family – and it also means I have the time each week to go hang with my buddies that I haven’t been seeing NEARLY ENOUGH!

So… part of the week I’ll be in Auckland playing shows and gigging – just like I have been.


The rest of the week I’ll be taking my laptop, guitar, and video gear around the country making music and videos, and spending time with my friends!

I’d love to catch up with YOU!


I have so many rad friends that I haven’t been seeing as I’ve been working pretty hard and feeling a bit stuck in Auckland.

Well that’s changing! I’m also super lucky to be going to two of my good friends weddings in some pretty wonderful places.

So far on the list of travel destinations are:

Vanuatu, Wellington, Christchurch, Gisborne, (USA) – LA, Washington DC, West Virginia + more TBC…

What else should I add/or where should I visit? I would LOVE your recommendations and suggestions!

PLUS, I’m going to be making some videos in some iconic locations around our beautiful NZ. You can keep an eye out for these on my YouTube Channel –

Leave a comment below and I look forward to seeing you SOON!




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19 Responses

  1. David

    Thanks Petrik! That’s much appreciated my friend! Look forward to catching up with you again sometime soon!

  2. David

    Thanks Jeanette! I hope to trip through Palmy again at some stage not toooo far away – it’s been a while!

  3. David

    Kelly! Argh I just found all of these comments now!!! So… apologies for the late reply! I think this ‘epiphany’ has been hiding just under my skin for a good while waiting to appear haha! I’m super excited to be heading off and exploring, and getting into a new headspace and perspective on life! Will keep you posted! I will definitely be back on the north shore at some stage, and as we chatted and media studies – be great to catch up. Little manic at the moment, but will message you!

  4. David

    Hi Kar Yee – I will definitely give you a buzz – I’m in that general area approx 24th Sept – 11 Oct! Be great to say hi again!

  5. David

    Colin! I actually looked up where Minneapolis was (sorry my USA geography is terrible!), and I think it’s unlikely I will see you on this trip… HOWEVER! I’ve been meaning to give you a buzz, so listen out for your phone the next few days and i’ll give you a ring! 🙂 I hope you are doing well!

  6. David

    Hey Amanda! Thanks so much – I really can’t wait now that it’s all happening so soon! Thanks for sharing – it’s really neat to hear other people have done similar things along the way too! A small campervan may be a very cool option… watch this space! (and your driveway!)

  7. David

    oh my goodness I just found all of these comments! Would love to see you mate – I will be in Chch the end of August – will flick you a message!

  8. Amanda

    This is great, David. Enjoy every minute of it – at another time of your life you might be doing it differently again and you will always have fond memories of your time you had free as a bird. Or this could be forever 🙂
    Anyways, thought to share that me and Pieter has now twice ditched the rental market and went for extended trips. Both fantastic and I will never regret doing it. Unfortunately we got stuck with Pieter having a ‘normal’ job now, but I’m still dreaming and planning for that day that we can do it again. For good.
    Tip: get yourself a small campervan. Even if it’s just for here around Auckland. It will become your home. You’ll have privacy and everyone has a driveway. Including me. 😉

  9. Kar Yee

    Hi David, good to hear about your impending adventures. If you happen to be going to Virginia, USA anytime till 14Oct, do gimme a to catch up.

  10. Kelly M

    It’s always a great ‘epiphany’ when you finally discover what is right for yourself in life! All the very best with this new chapter in your life, David.
    Wherever you go and whatever you do, I am sure you will be amazing and you will learn more about yourself with each step you take and situation you experience.

    However, if you’re ever back on the North Shore, look us up (we met you back when the Milford & Browns Bay Markets via Annamaria B were up and running – I was a stall holder back then).
    We always loved listening to and thoroughly enjoyed your music!

  11. Petrik

    There’s a bed at our place but you probably have plenty in Auckland already. I also have family in Malaysia, but again, I know you have contacts there too. Enjoy this new adventure.

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