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06 November 2017
coffee #1 UK

How I work best…

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Yes it’s true I work best with coffee!!

Hey musical family – how are YOU?


How are YOU doing today? I wanna know – say hi, drop me a line or a message or a comment below 🙂

See… I really appreciate you reading this, following my music and life journey, and supporting me… so today while I’m sitting at a lovely cafe in the UK (coffee #1 for those UK people that know it), I thought it’d be superb to hear from you about what you’ve been up to, what your dreams are, maybe some goals for this week… or just what’s happening in your world!

— this is where you scroll to the bottom and comment… —

I have this goal to inspire and encourage a bunch of people to follow their own dreams and achieve them – that means YOU.. but for me to do that, I need some bold people willing to say what they want.

…and if you’re from New Zealand, that’s not necessarily the most common thing to do – to be bold about wanting to stick out and stand out and do something different from people around you.

It’s also not that common globally.

It means risking a bit – because…


…At least initially… however that’s how we learn EVERYTHING!

Do you know anybody that learnt to walk without falling over? Heck – I still take a tumble everynow and then haha!

So… if you’re reading this – I really hope that you take 5 minutes or so and have a think for yourself – and reach out and connect with me!

I’ll be making some time over the next few days to read and reply to you all, and you can also send me an email at or send a message via my facebook page –

I hope you’re having an amazing time around the world wherever you are today!




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