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14 January 2018
Flash Drive at Turanga Creek Winery

Flash Drive @ Turanga Creek Winery

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It was such a pleasure that we got to play as ‘Flash Drive’ once again at the Turanga Creek Winery on Saturday.

If you haven’t seen the video from the eve then here it is!

Once again grateful that Sarah from Turanga Creek Winery got in touch with Harry and I to play at their beautiful organic winery festival ‘Groove In The Grapes‘. This is a once a year event usually in January, with the most beautiful setting amidst rows of grapes and with an ever increasing stage setting 🙂

Sold out in advance this is a great adventure to be a part of if you’re coming up to Auckland for a weekend, or if your local too!

Turanga Creek Winery is located in Whitford.

For some Aucklander’s… that’s probably a real adventure in itself haha. It’s such a nice area with the beautiful Maraetai beach close by, plus a tasty organic wine helps to set the scene for relaxing too!

Flash Drive…

Harry and I have been playing together now for about 5 years I think. We met at a market and chatted about music and all sorts, then proposed to have a jam session at the same market the following week. One week later and I had completely forgot that Harry was coming down to play, and as I arrived seeing congas all set up where I usually play, I had the awful thought that I had confused my dates and there was another band playing that weekend! We both had a good laugh about it and have continued to do so ever since (laugh that is, as well as plenty of great music!).

Flash Drive Wedding


This photo was a snap from one of our favourite weddings on Rakino Island for the sweetest couple – Ellie and Sam. A magic day and we always feel lucky (and privileged) to share such special moments and days like this!


Get in touch!

If you wish to get in touch and have ‘Flash Drive’ play at your next event – please let us know by contacting us HERE.

We are fun focussed, and can do a very relaxed acoustic session, or provide a full on party environment using live looping while we play 🙂

Just for fun, here is a little vid from the archives…


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