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26 April 2017
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How I build guitar loops (for my live shows!)

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Build Guitar Loops!

This video on ‘How I build guitar loops’ – guitar lesson/tutorial is on YouTube now!

…did you know it’s been 10 months since I uploaded a guitar lesson video, and 1.5 years before that?

Oh. My. Gosh!

So, on Sunday after a busy show week I sat down and got the camera’s out, set up a simple little set up to record in my room at home and made this video below on how I build guitar loops for my live shows (as a one man band essentially).

I suggest getting your guitar and your loop pedal out, and watching along below. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to build guitar loops or build guitar tracks with rhythm and groove and have a fuller sound as a soloist… then watch this now!

So… honestly – what did you think?

Was there some useful advice and tips on building loops for you?

I hope so.

I genuinely hope that me creating and sharing these video’s are useful for you, and perhaps useful for others as well that are learning the guitar – or perhaps you can transfer some of these ideas on to your own instrument whichever it may be.

My philosophy when I’m learning, is that if I pick up even one tiny new bit of useful information, then I’m growing, and who knows where i’ll be in 5 years time learning little bit by little bit along the way!

And before I forget – here are some pics and the names of the gear i’m using…

build guitar loops oc3 lr baggs

My settings to build guitar loops on the Boss OC3 and the LR Baggs DI

guitar loops screen tc helicon

Guitar Loops Screen on the Voicelive 3 from TC Helicon

Would love to see the guitar loops that you’ve built in the comments below (if you are a looper!)




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