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01 January 2018
Auckland Vloggers

Auckland Vloggers – LETS CHAT!

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Calling Auckland Vloggers… We need to connect!

I’m writing this post cause I need some pals!


I’ve been spending time creating video and content online and sharing stories and inspiring people through video and what I’m up to in my life, and I need some crew who are also doing this to work with.


1. You need to already be vlogging and/or creating video content.

I’m happy to share my knowledge and help and contribute to you, and likewise I expect I’ll learn things from you as well. It might be that you’re day 3 into it or day 1024… The point here is this is something that you are consistently doing and enjoying already.

2. You need to be an Auckland Vlogger (or at least Auckland area based – pref north shore side if poss)

This should be self explanatory if we are going to connect – happy to drive, explore and go for missions, but it’s not going to work superbly if you’re based in Hamilton lets be honest here…

3. You need to have some vision of what you are creating with your own channel and content.

I’ve got my goals, you’ve got yours. These of course may change and will grow and develop along the way, I’m simply saying i’m not here to be your motivational guru.

4. You want someone to assist you with your videos and filming, and you’re happy to do the same also – on a case by case basis.

This is the best way I think we can help each other out with improving our content and contributing more to others through better video’s and film work. Making our ideas really connect and have value to the people that watch them. Plus, if we’re both hanging out creating stories and footage together, then chances are we’re going to come up with creative ideas that boost what we can film and create for all of us!

5. You’re a rad person. <—- yes I’m serious about this! ….you should like yourself (at least a little bit) if we’re going to work together!

I don’t make time for drama. Sure we all have good and bad days, ups and downs, and this is a normal part of life. What I’m saying here is… if you know that you whinge about most aspects of life each day and that’s your general flavour – you’re simply not the person I’m looking for to work with on these projects. Anytime we connect it’s because we’re inspired to create something that we think is valuable and fun to put out into the world.


If you’re still reading at this point…

Send me a message on Facebook, or email me at Let me know a little bit about what you’re up to and your main channel so far for videos.

My YouTube Channel is

Chat soon!



PS. It would be a rad bonus if you’re a musician also – then we can record and create some cool tunes together! 


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